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Patterns (page 4)

Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505


USA, UK and European Size Chart

1950's Wonderful McCall's First Printed pattern. Summer dress pattern. Dress has a bolero jacket and pleated full skirt. Very 50's style, Old size 18, 36 bust, 30 inch waist, 39 inch hips. Pattern has been used, looks like all pattern pieces are they and in great condition along with the directions.

cat# DS6086 price$22.00


1970's Simplicity pattern. Very nice pant's suit or skirt suit. Very 70's style . Pattern has never been used mint Condition, the envelope is in poor condition. 38 inch bust. 30 inch waist, 40 hips.

cat# DS3580 price $18.00


1960's Simplicity printed pattern. Prom dress pattern. floor length or short gown. Old size 11 31 1/2 inch bust , waist 24 1/2 inch, 33 1/2 inch hips. Pattern looks like it has never been used.

cat# DS6271 price $17.00


1940's Ann Adams patter. Sun dress/ Jumper and blouse. Very 40's style. Old size 15 33 inch bust, 27 1/2 inch waist and 36 inch hips. Pattern as never been used and in excellent Condition, the envelope is not in good condition.

cat# DS2968 price $25.00.


1960's Dress pattern Very 60's Jackie Kennedy style. Simplicity printed patter. 41 inch bust. The pattern has been used and looks to be all there. Pattern is in Excellent Condition. some dark water stain otherwise in Excellent Condition.

cat# DS5590 price $15.00


1970's Simplicity pattern. Long dress or gown can be worn many ways. Pattern has been sized for stretch knits only. 32 to 36 bust, 25 to 28 waist, 34/38 hips. Never been used. Excellent Condition.

cat# DS5897 price$16.00


1960's Simplicity pattern. This is a Jackie Kennedy style suit. Very elegant. Boxy style jacket and a straight style skirt. 42 inch bust, 34 inch waist, 44 inch hips. Some of the pattern has been used everything looks in Excellent Condition.

cat# DS5599 price $18.00


1970's Wedding gown and bridesmaid pattern. Simplicity printed pattern # 6278 . Part of the pattern has been used and the rest has not. all in Excellent Condition. 34 inch bust. 26 1/2 inch waist, 36 inch hips.

cat# DS4854 price $18.00


1950's Advance easy sew printed Pattern. Very 50's style dress very full skirts. Size 42 inch bust , 37 in waist, 45 inch hips. Pattern has been used looks in Excellent Condition.

cat# DS6265 price $18.00


1970's McCall's dress pattern. Very 70's style. Size 22 1/2, 45 inch bust . Pattern has never been used. New Condition.

cat# DS5107 price $12.00


1950's Butterick printed pattern. Sun dress and suit pattern, pattern can be used in 4 different ways. suit with straight skirt or full and sun dress the same. Very 50's style. Pattern has never been used. Bust 32 in, Waist 26 inches, hips 35 inches. Excellent Condition.

cat#DS6242 price$18.00


1950's McCallis First printed pattern. Pattern is for a beautiful afternoon style dress, great design. Very 50's style. Old size 18 36 inch bust 30 inch waist. Pattern has never been used enveloe has minor age spots.

cat# DS6087 price $20.00



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 Daveda Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505