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1930’s Brown silk dress. A draped “V” neck with a light tan crepe insert . The tan crepe has a brown embroidered design and the designs are covered with clear and silver seed beads. The dress is sleeveless, with a small shoulder cape design over the arm holes. The dress has an asymmetrical waist /hip seam. A little more than an “V” line shape skirt lower calf length. 36 inch bust, and hips, the dress is 50 inches long from shoulder to hem.

Dress should fit loose.

cat# DC5328 price $225.00 

1920’s. Royal blue lace dress and jacket. Dress has a scoop neck, sleeveless, drop waist. The waist seam is around the hips and has gathers in the front center. Full skirt with a handkerchief hemline. The dress has an attached under slip that is flesh color sheer crepe, with a silk front above the bust to the hem. The under slip has some shattering near the bust area and underarms. Slight underarm discolor, this is not noticeable when the dress is worn. Their is a couple of small holes in the under areas this is also not noticeable when the dress is worn. Otherwise the dress is in Wonderful condition and very wearable. The Jacket is hip length, long sleeves and hooks in the front at the hip level. The jacket has very slight underarm discolor , it’s not noticeable when worn. 34/35 inch bust, 40 inch hips. Great outfit and very 20’s style.

cat# DC4752 price $275.00 


1920’s White gauze flapper style dress. Sleeveless, 1 1/2 inch lace trim on arm holes. Scoop neckline with gold metallic braid trim and tiny off white ribbon roses. Drop waist line the same trim as the neckline is on the hip seam. The skirt is straight style in front and gathered on the sides and back. The skirt is decorated with 2 rows of lace and then 3 rows of lace. Dress has side hook closure. Excellent/ mint Condition. 32 inch bust and hips. 40 inches long from shoulder to hem.

cat# DC5383 price $165.00

1920’s Black cotton velvet blouse. Round neck, black thread crochet trim 1 inch into the neckline. Boxy style blouse with 3 /4 length sleeves. The sleeves are lined in tan silk 3/4 of the way up. 42 inch bust, 40 inch waist, 42 inch hips. New condition.

cat# DC4739 price $75.00

1930’s Black silk crepe dress. Round neck with small pointed collar. Hook closure in back of the neck. Long sleeves, that are lace from the shoulder to the elbow and crepe from elbow to wrist. Cuffs have snap closure. Loose fitting bodice, natural waist line. Straight style skirt with 2 pleats in front . Pleats are 14 inches long to hem. Lower calf length. Dress comes to just above the ankle. Very Jean Harlow style. 39 inch bust, 34 inch waist, 40 inch hips. Excellent Condition.

cat# DC4495 price $152.00


1930’s Black rayon satin dress. “V” neck. Elbow length sleeves, sleeves are gathered and puffy at the tops. The sleeves are decorated with a light blue bow at the cuffs. Natural waist line. “A” line shape skirt. The skirt is almost ankle length. Side snap closure. 37 inch bust and hips. 30 inch waist, waist should fit loose. 48 inches long from shoulder to hem. Excellent Condition.

cat# DC4983 price $155.00 

1930’s. Yellow cotton dress with a diamond and flower cotton thread embroidery . Long pointed collar. short sleeves. 3 small tucks in front on each side of opening. 4 brown square Bakelite buttons, belted at the waist with a matching brown Bakelite buckle. A semi straight style skirt, Just below Mid calf length. 38 inch bust, 32 inch waist ( waist should be loose), 38 inch hips. 45 inches long from shoulder to hem. Excellent to mint condition.

cat# DC4743 price $115.00


1930’s Peach rayon taffeta gown and jacket. The gown is peach with Mauve silk embroidered flowers and green leaves. . Halter style top, inverted “V” under the bust. Natural waistline. “A” line shape, floor length skirt , with a center pleat both back and front. Dress buttons down the back with 19 like fabric covered buttons. 6 buttons are missing. The buttons are very close together. The jacket is the same fabric and is a short style with short puffy sleeves and a peplum. One fabric covered button for closure on the jacket. The jacket has a couple of small stain in front, they are very light. Otherwise this outfit is in Excellent Condition. 24 inch waist, 30 inch bust, 32 inch hips, 54 inches long from shoulder to hem.

cat# DC5181 price $225.00


1920’s/ 30’s Black Georgette crepe dress. “V” neck , sleeveless. Shawl collar that starts at the yoke and comes to a “V” both back and front. The collar has 2 inch black lace trim. The collar and yoke are lined in off white georgette crepe. The off white crepe has a few tiny holes, they are not noticeable from the outside of the dress. Dress has a natural waist line with a hip band of crepe that the grain of the crepe goes in a horizontal direction around the hips, then the shirt starts at the hips and the direction of the grain is back in a vertical position, same as the bodice. The skirt at the lower hips to hem is full and a slight handkerchief hemline. There is 2 inch black lace trim at the hem. The skirt is lined in black rayon. Dress is in Excellent Condition. 33 inch bust and hips.

cat# DC4054 price $165.00


1920’s Black sheer crepe dress. Cap sleeves with 4 rib trim on the cuffs. This same rib trim is around the neck and down the front. This dress is a wrap around style, with snap and hook closure. The bodice is a “v’ neck to the waist showing the black rayon satin under dress/ slip. Drop waist line with a semi straight skirt , is floor length. At the left hip are 3 flowers. I am not sure of the fabric of the 2 black flowers, they are shinny. The center flower is a gold metallic fabric with beaded center. Hanging from the center flower are 2 black silk satin ribbons and a gold metallic ribbon. These ribbons hang to the floor. Also on the left side the crepe fabric at the opening has a waterfall effect down the left side of the skirt and ends 10 inches below the hem of the dress. On the skirt down near the hem are 8 cord circles for trim. This dress is very 20’s and in great condition. There are a few minor pin holes in the skirt not noticeable. This dress was made for a tall lady. It’s 56 inches long from the shoulders to the hem and then you add 10 more inches for the waterfall. The 56 inches should probably come to mid calf , the waterfall to about an inch above the floor. This is a great dress and in Excellent condition. Comes with a full length black rayon satin under slip. 37 inch bust and hips.

Sorry about the photos, my dress form was not tall enough for the dress and the photos don’t do it justice.

cat# DC4101 price $355.00

1930’s, Black silk velvet evening jacket. Bolero style jacket with a belt at the waist that ties in the front. Long sleeves with bell cuffs . The jacket is lined with black crepe. 32 34 inch bust. Mint/ Excellent Condition.

cat#DC5049 price $75.00 “NEW”

1930’s Black silk velvet dress. Scoop neck with off white crepe shawl style collar. The collar has 2 tails that hang down on the right side and 2 large decretive off white buttons above the tails. Dress has long narrow sleeves with a smaller version of the buttons on the cuffs. Natural waist line with a belt that has black and white buckles with rhinestones. Semi straight style skirt, lower calf length, side snap closure. Dress has soiling on the off white collar in the back otherwise dress is in Excellent Condition. 32/34 inch bust 34 inch hips, 47 inches from shoulder to hem.This dress would fit someone who is a size 4.


cat# DC5273 price $195.00

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