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“Hand Bags”By Valerie Steele and Laird Borrelli. Published by Rizzoli international publications. Copyright 1999. Focusing on our fascination with bags, this book presents the best of contemporary designs from the world’s leading firms. From the status bags of Gucci and Herme’s to the exquisite beaded purses of Jamin Puech and Nathalie Hambro, the book includes numerous design, sketches and brilliant advertising photos that speak of each creation in its own language. An engaging text by Valerie Steele ( Chief Curator of the Museum at the Fashion institute of Technology in New York City) and Laird Borrelli ( also works at the Museum at F.I.T. and is an avid fashion follower. They reveal the trade secrets of the designers who created these signature looks. 192 pages. “NEW”

cat# Books #1 price $45.00


  “SHOES” : A Lexicon of Styles by Valerie Steele. How many pairs of shoes do you own? demands Valerie Steele in the engaging text of Shoes. No matter how many pairs you have , no matter how closely you follow the trends, you are bound to discover something new in this fascinating and irreverent look at contemporary women’s shoes. This chic book taps into the obsession, the fetish, and the fashion of shoes, from the pump to the sneaker, the boot to the stiletto, shoe enthusiasts everywhere can finally come out of the closet and indulge in this lushly illustrated volume devoted completely to the meaning of modern foot wear. 192 pages. “NEW”

cat# Book2 price $45.00.


 Modern Pricilla Home Furnishings. By Pricilla publishing Company. published 1925. All about things to do in your home, making drapes, slip covers, braided rugs, selecting furniture all sorts of home ideas. Great book for the 1920’s home owner.

cat# Book#3 price $25.00



 “Stoles, Capes , Shorties. Crochet book. Copyright 1956. 15 Great crochet patterns. Wonderful styles. Excellent Condition.

cat# BOOK#4 price $10.00



“The Swing Book” By Degen Pener, published 1999, 246 pages, About the swing era, Learning to dance, Swing Legends, New Swing Bands, A guide to swing style clothing, City by city swing night spots, Tons of Swing info. “NEW”

cat# BOOKS # 5 price $16.00 “SOLD”


 The New Encyclopedia of modern sewing. WM . H. Wise + Co. INC New York 1946. Great ideas. clothing, decorating the home. Many interesting items in this book.

cat# BOOK#11price $25.00



Fleisher’s Hand Kit Fashions . 16 knit Patterns. Great styles from 1938. Excellent condition.

cat# Book 6 price $25.00 “HOLD”




 1930’s Book, How to Drape Your Windows by C.W.Kirsch, Kirsch Company Publishers.

Great ideas and pictures. Book is 7X 10 inches only a 1/4 inch thick but has lots of pictures and info. very detailed.

cat# Book 12 price $35.00 “SOLD”


“MOTHER AND BABY CARE in Pictures by Louise Zabriskie. Published in 1935. This is a neat book, sooo many pictures and tons of information . From prenatal care, drawings of the growth of the baby, diet during pregnancy, moms clothing, the delivery very good photo’s of the delivery, breast feeding, taking care of the baby, bathing, feeding, baby clothing. very interesting reading and ways things were done in 1930’s/40’s . Plain blue cover, water stains and general ware on cover, inside is in Excellent condition. Photo is from the inside of the book. 208 pages.

 cat# BOOK 10 price $18.00


Fleisher Presents A new collection of Parisian Hand Knit 1930’s Ensembles- coats , dresses, suits and Blouses . Great 30’s styles. 39 pages. great styles. Excellent Condition.

cat# Book 7 price $35.00“HOLD”





 “Sketch Book of collection of notes and sketches on women’s dress in America 1774-1783. 61 pages published in 1974. This book is a soft cover and has many patterns. A great book for costumers. It shows the cut of each piece of each section of an item.

cat#BOOK # 8 price.$20.00


“Make and Mend sewing book. 1942, 50 pages of great 1940’s style clothing. crochet patterns for accessories and Making clothing over to update styles and Alterations, mending and darning. Great book. Dresses, tops, hats jackets, much more.

cat#BOOK # 9 price.$25.00


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