Vintage Shoes

Vintage Shoes

Dee Davenport Howe

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Pre Owned clear acrylic platform shoes. Clear plastic straps around the ankles and over the toe. Very small rhinestone heart decoration on the left side of each foot. The heart on the right side has a couple of rhinestones missing. The platform are 1 1/4 inches high. rubber soles. Size 7 1/2. Probably worn once. Label on the inside “Club Zone” Excellent Condition.

cat# DA5367 price $25.00



1970’s Black or tan Disco shoes. We have 2 pairs of these shoes, one pair tan and one pair black. These are sandal style shoes. made of vinyl with a small brass color buckle in the center over the toes. open toes, 3 inch wooden heels and 1/2 inch platforms . These shoes have tan rubber grip soles. These shoes are in great condition except the inner soles are loose and the toe part of the innersole is missing on the tan ones on the left and the same on the black ones. Excellent Condition. A modern size 8 M

cat# DA5288 Tan, DA 5289 Black price $45.00 each



1930’s Black leather oxford shoes. 5 eyelet, 2 inch block heels. These shoes have been worn but they are in excellent Condition. 8 inches long on the inside. About a modern size 5 1/2 maybe a 6.

cat# DA5218 price $55.00


1930’s Off white silk shoes. These were probably wedding shoes. These shoes look like they were worn once. T strap style with side buckle, The buckle has rhinestones. 2 1/2 inch heel. 5 1/2 AAA. These shoes I noticed one of the straps over the toes has yellowed some Otherwise the shoes are in Excellent Condition.

cat# DA4970 price $75.00



1960’s Black suede boots. The top of the boots have a 1 inch plush velvet trim. The boots are lined in black faux fur. Soles are black ribbed rubber. 2 1/2 inch narrow heels. The boots have a metal tip on the heel and around the metal there is a small piece of plastic, this plastic is missing on both boots. Otherwise the boots are in perfect condition. The missing plastic is not very noticeable. These boots are a modern size 8/81/2.

cat# DA5193 price $55.00


1960’s White leather shoes. Pointed toes and narrow 2 1/2 inch heels. The shoes have pastel embroidered flowers and leaves over the toes. Shoes are about a modern size 8 1/2. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA5496 price $55.00 “NEW”





1960’s Tan, off white stripe shoes. The shoes are fabric and lined with leather. 3 1/2 inch narrow heel with a wood grain design. Very pointed toes. 9 inches long on the inside about a size 7, 3 1/4 inch at the ball of the foot. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA5497 price $45.00 “NEW”




1970’s Black patent leather shoes, open toed sandals. On the outside of the foot over the toes is a basket weave design of black patent leather, on the inside of the foot over the toes is black patent leather. 4 inch fluted heel. on the inside of the foot they are 9 inches long and 2 3/4 inches at the ball of the foot. On the strap where the buckle is it’s worn a little and a couple of scuffs on the right shoe other wise they are in Excellent Condition.

cat# DA3871 price $45.00




1960’s vinyl boots, just over the ankle style, like Phyllis Diller would wear. Size 5 1/2. 4 eyelet. with 2 embossed hooks at the top, faux suede around the top with a black silk braid trim, 2 1/2 inch heels. The shoes are missing the original laces, we have added black ribbon. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA3873 price $25.00



1920’s Woman’s brown leather shoes. Oxford style with cut out designs on the sides. 3 eyelet , lace up. 8 1/2 inches on the inside about a modern size 6. They have been worn many times, the soles have been patched, and the heels are worn down. The shoes are still in good condition and are wearable.

cat# DA4946 price $45.00





1950’s Women’s Wing tip brown leather golf shoes. They have been worn but they are in good condition. Very wearable. About an 8 1/2 / 9 in modern size medium width. 3 inches at the ball of the and 10 1/2 inches long on the inside.

cat# DA4839 price $35.00

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