1950’s/ 60’s Hats, etc

1950’s Hats

Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 (413) -781-1505


1950’s Gray wool hat. A round circle to cover the top of the head, Gray wool bow in front with a gray cloth feather and a pink bird feather. Very 50’s. Label Glenover. This hat has 1 tiny insect hole on the brim otherwise it’s in Excellent Condition.

cat# DH4298 price $35.50


1960’s Light pink straw sailor style hat, pink veil and pink faille bow on top of the hat. Excellent to mint condition.

cat# DH3838 price$32.50


1960’s Black straw hat, cloche style. Black chiffon flower with green leaves. Label Cele Logan New York. Excellent condition.

cat# DH1806 price $32.50


1960’s Off White straw hat, Brenton style, with a 1/2 inch off white band , bow and edge of brim. Fits a 22 inch head. Excellent to mint condition.

cat# DH3281 price $35.00


1960’s. Black straw Brenton style hat. Black faille band and bow on the side. 22 inch head Excellent condition.

cat# DH3286 price $35.00


1950’s Sculptured style evening hat. Tan and mauve sequins with silver beads. Wonderful hat. Label Hand Made by Mildred. Mint Condition.

cat# DH4612 price $42.50


1950’s Sculptured style hat. Navy velvet with navy, medium blue and red velvet ribbons. A Lucy Ricardo style if I ever saw one. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH3834 price $32.50


1950’s Gorgeous evening hat. The hat covers just the top of the head. The hat is light pink with light pink and iridescent sequins, hand made and a work of art. The veil needs replacing . Excellent Condition.

cat# DH4609 price $38.50 “NEW”


1960’s Large brim straw and velvet hat. Deep black silk velvet crown, wide black straw brim, the brim edges are turned up all the way around. The hat band is 2 1/2 inches wide black silk faille and has a bow of the same on the right side. Mint Condition. Size 22.

Cat# DH4558 price $55.00


1960’s hat. Ecru net over ecru velvet frame. The net has little ecru velvet circles and 2 bows, one on top of the head and one in back. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH4301 Price $29.50 “SOLD”


1960’s Black wool hat. Black satin band and bow in back, and 2 satin covered buttons one on each side in front. Label Lord and Taylor Salon, Brigitte , Body made in Italy. 22 1/2 inch head. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH3585 price $32.00


1950’s Iridescent blue sequined and bead hat. All hand sewn in a leaf design. Small gray veil. the veil needs to be replaced. Label, Hand made by Mildred. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH4582 price $45.00


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