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Vintage Magazines

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#1)McCall’s Needlework and crafts , Spring and summer 1967 , 192 pages. Embroidery designs and ideas, crafts for children to do. crafts for you to do for childrens rooms. Great craft ideas using fancy handkerchiefs for mom for many holidays . pin chushun ideas, Knit clothing patterns for Barbie and Ken and other fashion dolls. Hanger covers pattern, Patterns for fun toys and dolls. . Wonderful adds. Fashions for summer. Excellent Condition. $10.00


#2)Womans Weekly , October 1923, 19 pages, wonderful fashions, wonderful adds. Article on Plastic Surgery. Halloween Luncheon Recipes. Winter hat designs. Excellent to mint condition. price $15.00


#3)THE AMERICAN NEEDLE WOMAN January 1924. Back cover split and worn on one edge,front cover excellent, contents pages very yellow, and have half inch spits on the edges, 34 pages. Crafts, crochet patterns, embroidery,short stories. Price $8.00


#4) PETERSONS Magazine , April 1880, 63 pages, Wonderful adds, crafts, Design for corners for tea – table cloth, Towel ends. Beautiful fashion engravings, Bonnets, hair styles. Music for the song The May Breeze. Stories and poems. Article on Every-Day Dresses, Garments, Etc. Pattern for Flower Alphabet for handkerchief , A to F. Many interesting things. Excellent condition. $35.00 . Excellent Condition


#5) PERTERSONS Magazine ,September 1883, 70- pages. Beautiful fashion engravings, flower designs for crewel work, Sheet music ” Bella Bocca Polka” ,Stories and poems, Article on Every- Day Dresses, Garments, Etc., wonderful adds , Household topics . $35.00. Excellent Condition


#6)Womans Weekly ,September 29, 1923, 19 pages. Recipes Dishes from Englands kitchen.,wonderful adds , Household topics, Winter hats Excel in Beauty ,New Monograms for many uses, Short Stories. Excellent condition.$15.00


#7)McCall’s Needlework and crafts , Fall and winter 1967/ 70. , 240 pages.Whimisical designs for patch work quilts. For children decrative paper bag costums , patterns for play costumes Patterns for paper waxen flowers, How to enlarge and reduce quilt patterns, How to make a star and oval for quilt patterns. Patterns for Bazaar and Boutique items. knit patterns for scarfs, hats, slippers, dresses, suits sweaters for all ages. mint condition.$10.00


#8)DEMOREST’S Family Magazine July 1891. 72 pages, Wonderful adds, great fashions for adults and children. Article a Summer outdoor sports.Great reading and fun to look at. Front Cover is loose otherwise it’s in EXCELLENT CONDITION . $25.00


#9)MODERN PRISCILLA , Needlework- Fashions- Fiction- Housekeeping. October 1922 . 77 pages. Wonderfull fashions. Beautiful cross stitch designs for purses and bags. Chic Knitted Garments for Kiddies. Envelope gifts for Christmas. Smart embroidered blouses and accessories pattern designs. New Recipes for Pineapple, October Recipes, Practical Diet Lists for Children. Wonderful adds. This magazine has a few problems both bottom corners were chewed by a mouse or something , front cover is loose and missing a 1/4 of the back cover otherwise it’s in excellent condition.$20.00


#10) PETERSONS Magazine , January 1888, 112 pages, Engravings, great adds, Fashions, craft ideas such as a Marguerite Tidy, Slumber slippers, Shawl in Tricote and crochet, Every- day dresses , garments Etc. Magazine is a little rough around the edges but in excellent condition Price $35.00


#11)THE HOUSEHOLD. June 1894. 30 pages, Great adds, Beautiful fashions, article and crochet patterns “Piazza work for Summer days”. Excellent condition, $12.00


#12)WOMAN”S DAY –July 1947 . 104 pages, Recipes, wonderful adds, articles “How To Section How to put on Door hinges. Article on House dress that fit your figure. Excellent condition. $12.00


#13)Woman’s Day – August 1948-112 pages, Fashions, wonderful adds, recipes, stories and articles, How to make an out door grill, and much much more. Excellent condition.$12.00


#14)Woman’s Day. March 1947, 120 pages. recipes, wonderful adds. Article ” About making apron colorful, there are drawings to enlarge for embroidery designs for the apron. and other articles, one on fixing things like broken drawers. Magazine is in great shape. Excellent condition. $12.00


#15)DEMOREST’S Family magazine, April , 1895, 76 pages, section on 1895 fashions, adds, puzzles, chat section, world progress, these are fun to read. Home arts and comfort section, society Fads, Excellent condition. $25.00


#16)WOMAN”S WORLD , February 1933, 34 pages Many Wonderful fashions, hair styles. Great color adds. For the cook in the family or chocolate lover ” We All Like Chocolate Some Recipes for chocolate $25.00 Excellent Condition.


#17)”LADIES HOME JOURNAL, September 1903, 56 pages, Wonderful 1903 fashions many pages. Great adds. Article on Young Mothers the 9th month and what to do when baby is sick. House plans, a house of 7 rooms for $1,700. A wife of a Pioneer. Many other articles Great magazinen $35.00 / Mint/ Excellent condition.


#18) LADIES HOME JOURNAL May 1938, 126 pages, many many fashions, great adds. Articles, Popularity Barometer, That looks like fun. Mothers day out, Gawkiness to Glamour . Both covers are in poor condition otherwise in Excellent Condition. $15.00


#19) McCall’a Needlework and Crafts. Fall/winter 1961/62. 152 pages. A small Christmas tree you can make with lath or dowels, to use to displaying items you are selling at a Bazaar. knit baby sweater set patterns, Knit patterns for the whole family, wonderful dresses and sweaters. Cross- stitch patterns . patterns for tin cans for zany toys. Excellent condition. $11.00


#20)THE LADIES WORLD Magazine-January 1895. 18 pages, Article on what to wear and engravings of fashions. Crochet patterns, Wonderful engraved adds. This magazine the top right hand corner a has been torn off, it’s above the righting just in the border. A few line cracks in covers otherwise it’s in Excellent condition. $12.00


#21) TO-DAY’s MAGAZINE February 1910 top cover missing $8.00


#22)WOMAN”S DAY  February 1947. 112 pages. full of adds. Article ” Belts and bags made from felt” all instructions. Hair” TOPKNOT Tricks” Lots of recipes, Magazine is in Excellent Condition.$12.00.



#23)WOMAN”S DAY, May 1947. – 128 pages,Great Recipes, Wonderful Adds. “HOW TO SECTION” Article on fixing drain pipes and what tools you need. Excellent condition. New Condition $12.00.


(#24) MODERN PRICILLA, June 1908, 33 pages, Furnishing ideas, Making place cards for luncheons or teas, article on how to make a belt, ideas on embroidering a waist belt, wonderful fashions from 1908, summer styles in embroidered lingerie. great adds. Excellent condition $16.00


#25)McCall Needlework + Crafts. Spring- Summer 1958, 112 pages, Great crafts, crochet and knitting patterns, Wonderful fashions patterns that fit into todays dress ,crafts that are great for fund raising Bazaars. . Wonderful adds, Gifts for hope chests. Many craft ideas . Excellent / mint condition . $15.00


#26)McCall’s Needlework and crafts , Spring Summer 1957, 112 pages, great adds, Items for craft fairs. crochet place mats. patterns for afghans for boys and girls rooms. Hand made knit items for babies.Patterns for beautiful knit blouses. Excellent condition. $12.00.


(#27)LADIES HOME JOURNAL April 1938-134 pages. recipes, beautiful 1930’s fashions, wonderful adds.Article “Divorce. and other articles. Magazine is in great shape except the front and back covers are damaged. Excellent condition. $16.00


#28)THE SKETCH , September 1908, Great Adds, articles, Jack Johnson the Colored Boxer. articles about theater. Key Notes about a rising young composer Mr coleridge Taylor. 57 pages of theater info. The front cover has some damage otherwise the magazine is in great condition. $20.00


#29) HOUSE AND GARDEN. October 1939 – 78 pages . Wonderful adds the back cover has a full page color add for Lucky Strikes. Article on selecting bedding. Sterling silver for the bride. Chosing rugs, Planing your bedroom, Planning the living room, Planning the dinning room, Color schemes, How to plan color schemes and Outfitting the kitchen. Magazine is almost like new. excellent. condition. $25.00


(#30)McCall’s needlework and crafts. ,Spring and summer 1963 , 152 pages. Crafts for kids to make with tin cans and egg crates. Dried leaves and flowers for place mats and window panels. Crochet for decrative throw pillows. Knit patterns with sequins, for blouses. lots of knit fashion ideas. in Excellent Condition. $12.00.


(#31) THE LADIES HOME JOURNAL . November 1903 , 72 pages, great fashions, wonderful adds, Great recipes. House hold hints and a lot more. The Edwardian fashions are wonderful. Excellent Condition. $35.00.


(#32) WOMAN’S WORLD, November 1932, 30 pages, Article on Smart frocks, lace in the afternoon, Fashions pictures., Preparing the Thanksgiving Feast, Secrets of good Pastry,Nice adds . Excellent condition. $15.00.


(#33) LADIES HOME JOURNAL , June 1918, 108 pages, articles, The after the war woman, what is going to become of her. Easy ways to can your friut, The successful way to can and dry. Beautiful fashions wonderful full page color adds , and much more.,the front cover is missing the top 1/2, the back cover is a little rough otherwise Excellent condition $25.00


#34)PICTORIAL PREVIEW , October 1904, Great fashions on the cover, This magazine has fashions on every page. front cover loose, missing back cover. Otherwise in excellent condition. $35.00


(#35)THE HOUSEHOLD , January 1895, 31 pages, Crochet pattern for infants bonnet, wonderful fashions, adds and receipts. Excellent condition. $12.00


(#36)MODERN PRISCILLA , March 1908, 37 pages, wonderful fashions, many adds, Their are many embroidery ideas and designs, Crochet patterns. Excellent condition. $15.00


(#37) McCalls Needlework and Crafts. Spring and summer 1961. 132 pages. Nature theme accents for your house. tissue paper painting, Knitting and crochet patterns for childrens toys and doll clothes. Chic trims for your sweaters. Beautiful crochet and kitting patterns for evening and day wear, also a bridal gown.. Excellent condition. $15.00


(#38) WOMAN’S WEEKLY. September 2, 1922. 19 pages. Articles. Executive Work and Women. Embroidery for personal wear. Autumn Hats. Labor day party ideas. New Lamb and Mutton Recipes. Excellent condition. $15.00


(#39)THE HOUSEHOLD. July 1894, 29 pages. Article on How to make knotted fringe. Crochet patterns,Description of Fashions and illustrations,recipes Delicious Marmalades, Hot winter dinners. Excellent condition $15.00


($40) WOMAN’S WEEKLY. May 5, 1923. 19 pages, article on Judge Allen’s Plan to outlaw War. ( Judge Allen is a woman). article on summer frocks,, embroidery designs for towels for everyday of the week. article on labor saving aids to housecleaning. Hats with needle work. Excellent condition. $15.00


(#41) DELINEATOR The fashion culture and fine arts. Butterick Publishing. March 1893. 150 pages. Fashions are wonderful . articles on lace making, Some uses for crepe and tissue paper. knit patterns for baby. Embroidery designs, 2 pages on draperys. season on trimmings, fashionable millinery. Lots of information on Fashion for march 1893. This is a great magazine. Pages are a little brown otherwise it’s in Excellent Condition. Excellent condition. $45.00


(#42)McCalls Needlework + Crafts , Fall winter 1968/1969 , 220 pages, 72 fashions to knit and crochet. Bazaar Ideas. Childrens fun crafts of musical instruments made from tin cans , and other animal tin can crafts. Knitting and crochet patterns for baby clothes and toys . Excellent condition. $15.00.


(#43)THE HOUSEHOLD MAGAZINE, April 1898, 36 pages, great engraved adds, Articles on a Boston Cooking School lecture, Easter crafts gift ideas, Battenburge Lace , Health. Excellent condition. price $20.00


(#44) Time Magazine, January 31, 1955, 88 pages, wonderful adds, Great Car adds. Grace Kelly on the cover, Artcle on the First Atomic Sub goes to Sea , several photos of Grace Kelly and a nice article. Excellent condition. Price $15.00


(#45)Ladies Home Journal. March 1947-285 pages. recipes, lots of beautiful 1940’s fashions, wonderful adds. and Articles Magazine is in great shape except the front and back covers are missing. Excellent condition. $20.00

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