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1940’s Clothing

Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 (413) -781-1505


1950’s Gift making pattern. Simplicity 4519. New never used. comes with transfers Excellent Condition.

cat#DS2556 price $20.00



Victorian Sewing basket, with 6 tubes of Indian beads in original tubes,a brand new sharpening stone, 2 new packages of thread for stringing beads, and a hole punch thing.

cat#DS2471 price$20.00

Victorian Needle point pattern, very fragile, one corner is bent. this could be copied. The saying on the Pattern is ” We Mourn Our Loss”.

cat#DS2832 price$25.00


Hook rug needle, still in box with directions, No.7 so.ez Automatic hook rug needle wonderrart 2332 Bayron St. Chicago Ill.

cat#DS2469 price$9.00

1920’s Black 1/4 inch silk gimp, 13 yards, Excellent condition. .

cat# DS2778 price $18.00


1920’s silk cord trim, navy , 27 yards, Excellent condition.

cat#DS2776 price$35.00.

1930’s/ 40’s Black silk gimp, this is a 1/2 inch trim. 25 yards, Excellent condition. .

cat#DS2976 price$38.00

Late teens Early 20’s, 3/4 inch hemming braid, 30 1/2 yards, navy, Excellent condition.

cat#DS2775 price$30.00

Edwardian, Early teens white cotton blouse. This gorgeous blouse has a 3 inch high collar of white lace and cotton gauze The cotton has 4 tiny tucks. A yoke of lace and white on white embroidery. 8 tiny tucks on each shoulder. lace insets in the center of . 3/4 sleeves with tucks and lace. This blouse has several holes, the collar has 4 holes, 4 holes in back, the bodice has 3 holes about the size of the head of a pencil eraser, just below the yoke on the right. In the back the top button hole is torn. the placket the the button holes are on has damage, about 1/2 way down. Another hole at the hem on the left side. Their are no stains, the blouse is pure white. Maybe could be used as display or as a costume. 16 inches between the shoulders about a size 34/35.

cat# DS4499 price $25.00

Edwardian black net skirt. The net has a little black “O” design. Black silk waist band, 24 inch waist. 3 flounces at the botton of black gathered net. The waist band is very fragile, The silk under skirt is missing. The net has a few small holes.

cat# DS5039 price $20.00


Vintage Navy satin ruche trim, 10 yards, 28 inches. Excellent condition.

cat# DS2978 price$22.00

2 Vintage pin cushions. #1 cranberry velvet 5X5 many pins in it, round with scalloped edges. #2 Round 4 1/2 X 4 1/2 red rayon bottom, gold rayon top. has a few pins and some pearl hat pins.

cat# DS4091 price $26.00


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