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Teens era Navy wool skirt. Haring bone design. “A” line shape skirt. Front hook closure 2 1/2 inch tucks sewn down the sides of the skirt to the hem. 6 quarter size buttons on the left side for decoration. Skirt is ankle length. The back center of the skirt is slightly gathered. In the back are 2 tiny insect holes , 3/4 of the way down. In the front their are 7 more tiny insect holes. The skirt is very wearable. 28 inch waist.

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Victorian mourning outfit , Early 1890’s Black on black cotton fabric with a silky feel, small silk black dots decorate the fabric The bodice has a 2 inch high collar with a black net trim on the top and black silk ribbon around the neck. A black silk bow in front of the neck. Long sleeves that are slightly puffy at the tops. Some gathering on the bodice under the collar. 10 button closure in the front. The bodice is lined in black cotton, has 7 stays. Very slight soiling on the inside of the collar. 28 inch waist, 34 inch bust The skirt has an under skirt that has the black dotted cotton half way up from the hem and polished cotton the rest of the way to the waist. It’s also fully lined in black polished cotton. The over skirt is the dotted cotton, with 1 1/2 inch black silk ribbon trim around the hem and waist to mid thigh on the right side. At the thigh there is a black silk rosette. The below that the skirt splits and is open to the hem, to show the under skirt. The opening on both sides is trimmed with black silk ribbon. The skirt is gauged to the waist band in back for fullness. Skirt has a 27 inch waist, 41 inches long from waist to hem. This outfit is in wonderful condition. Their is slight wear on the bottom of the hem. The slight soiling on the inside of the collar and a small line mend on the right sleeve and a tiny bit of wear on the seam on the elbow. Otherwise it’s in perfect to Excellent Condition. Very wearable condition.

 cat# DC4319 price $395.00


TEENS Era White linen dress. High round neck. five- 1/4 inch tucks on the shoulders in front. A 5 1/2 inch wide lace panel in the front center, from neck to the waist. 1 1/2 inch waist band. The bodice is gathered above the waist band. Long sleeves with 1 1/2 inch wide lace cuffs. Dress has a gored skirt, ankle length. 9 mother of pearl buttons for closure in back. In the back of the bodice are 2 one inch wide lace panels on each side of the opening. There are a few very minor imperfections in the lace and one very tiny hole in the skirt , it is smaller than the head of a pencil eraser. The hole is located near a seam it’s not noticeable, otherwise the dress is in Excellent Condition. 35 inch bust , 26 inch waist, 54 inches long from shoulder to hem.

cat# DC3967 price $225.00


1860’s Black silk bodice. Round neck, off the shoulder, shoulder seam. Coat style sleeves, with a black silk ruffle at the shoulder seam. The ruffle is pleated and at the seam it is trimmed with a narrow black velvet ribbon. The bottom edges of the ruffles are not finished. The bodice is not boned. It’s lined in brown cotton. Should be hook closure, all the hooks are missing. There is some under arm damage in front of the underarms, shown in photo. Otherwise it’s in Excellent Condition. Waist 23 inches, Bust 30 inches.

cat# DC4119 price $45.00


Edwardian- blouse. White cotton gauze. Blouse has long sleeves , 6 inch cuffs with 8 tiny tucks. No collar. In front of the blouse it has 3 1 3/4 inch wide crochet lace insets that form “V” patterns. Between the top “V” and the second the white gauze has several tiny tucks for decoration. In the center front there is a small embroidered diamond shape. The blouse buttons down the back and has 4 small tucks on each side of the opening. about a 36 inch bust. Their are 3 tiny holes in the lace at the base of the bottom “V” otherwise it’s in Excellent Condition.

cat# DC3298 price $75.00


Victorian 1880’s bustle dress, The bodice is a black on black silk brocade of a leaf design. Long sleeves, the front of the sleeves are black velvet with 3 buttons on the cuffs, there should be 4 buttons one is missing, some wear on the inside of the elbow on the velvet. The front of the bodice has black velvet down the front on both sides and the 1 1/2 inch collar, also a black velvet piping around the hem . a bow in front with both the black velvet and brocade fabrics. the black velvet is worn in spots especially in the area of the buttons, there is a small hole on the left side front probably where a mourning pin had gone. Bodice has a 14 button closure, buttons are dime size black and brass with a flower design the same buttons are on the sleeves . The bodice is lined in tan cotton, has inside waist belt, no boning, outside of bodice has a watch pocket in front, 1/2 inch line crack in the silk near the pocket, 5 very tiny holes near hem in the silk. Waist 31 inches, 38 inch bust. The skirt is black silk brocade with a 6 1/2 inch wide panel of velvet down the front, the velvet panel starts at the waist and ends 6 inches from the hem, the very bottom of the skirt is a 5 1/2 inch pleated velvet, the brocade part of the skirt ends at the velvet and has the gladiator style scalloped edges, the velvet hem has some minor wear, also in front on 2 pleats at the hem, one of the pleats has 2 inches missing of the velvet, and the other pleat has 3 holes about the size of the head of the pencil eraser. The waist band has been replaces on the skirt, Waist 30 inches. skirt is lined in black cotton. Close up of damaged areas

cat# DC3175 Price $475.00


Edwardian white cotton gauze skirt, with 2, 7 inch ruffles that have 2 lace insets and the same lace trim at the bottom of each ruffles, waist 24 inches, hook closure in back, skirt is 39 inches long in front and 44 inches long in back. This skirt has a full under skirt with a ruffle at the bottom, the ruffle on the under skirt has 3 lace insets and lace trim at the hem and that ruffle is lined with a plain cotton ruffle. There are a couple of tiny pinholes in the bottom ruffle of the top skirt, otherwise the skirt is in Excellent condition.

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1918 Evening dress. A black silk boxy style, hip length bodice. 2 inch wide shoulder straps. Back snap closure. The bodice is all had sewn. The skirt has silk ribbon straps under the bodice . Gorgeous black lace with a black silk lining. The skirt might have been a Victorian skirt and in the teens was made into a party dress, full skirt . The lace has a few minor holes in it otherwise it’s in Excellent Condition. On the front lower left side are silver flowers and leaves for decoration. 34 inch bust 30 inch waist. 47 inches from shoulder to hem , slightly longer than mid calf.

cat# DC2108 price $145.00



Early Teens Titanic era dress. Black silk with ecru, tan, light green print. “V” neck both back and front. Rush trim around the neck, The trim is lined in fushia. The sleeves are elbow length with 2 1/2 inch black lace at the cuffs. Their are 3 buttons on the bodice they are black silk with fushia thread trim and black rush edging. The dress has a slightly high waist, semi straight skirt. On the left side of the skirt , the skirt draws up to show a black silk pleated under skirt. The top skirt hem is edged with black silk rush with fushia trim. On the left side where the skirt draws up is another black silk button with black silk cord that hangs down 14 inches with 2 buttons on the ends for decoration. 34 inch bust 27 inch waist. Excellent Condition.

cat# DC4415 price $285.00



Edwardian/ Teens 2 piece dress. Off white gauze with brown ovals with tiny roses as the print. 1 inch lace collar, 2 tucks on each side in front they run from the shoulders to the waist. Lace trim down the front from shoulder to waist and a “V” shape lace design framing out a yoke. 7 tiny tucks in the center under the yoke. 3/4 sleeves with lace trim. Snap closure in back. Gathered skirt ankle length. 3 small rust stains on the skirt, they are not noticeable because of the print. The hem on the skirt is 4 inches, looks like it was taken up at one time. Skirt is a 28 inch waist. 36 inches long , plus the 4 inch hem. Bodice is 28 inch waist, 40 inch bust. Excellent Condition.

cat# DC4748 price $225.00


Titanic/ Teens era, White cotton linen dress. High round neck, with decorative double stitching in an angled design. 2 crochet buttons and faux button holes for decoration. Elbow length sleeves with the same angled design, double stitching and 3 button and holes for decoration. Bodice is decorated with reverse angle designs and 7 crochet buttons and holes. Gathered at the waist. Back button closure. 2 worn spots one on each side of the button closure. when wearing a white corset cover the wear spots will never show. Skirt is “A” line shape, floor length. A 1 inch tuck goes around the skirt in an angle design same as bodice and sleeves. the tuck is 9 inches above the hem. On the high spots of the angle there are crochet buttons and button holes. Also a small pleat on the right front and back center of lower skirt. Great dress Great condition. 24 inch waist, 34 inch bust.

cat# DC4021 price $195.00



Late 1890’s black silk 2 piece dress. The bodice- High black velvet collar, with a black bead fringe. The yoke is a white on white silk, stripe design. The remainder of the bodice and skirt are a black silk with 1/4 inch silk thread lines. A scalloped neckline around the yoke with 2 rows of a rush silk black ribbon trim. Long narrow sleeves with slight puffiness at the tops and narrow to the wrists . Little cap tops on the shoulders over lapping the puffy part of the sleeves. These caps are lined in white silk and edged with the black rush. Two rows of rush come down the front to the waist. The bodice has a slight pigeon front. 9 stays on the inside, tan cotton lined. Bodice has a 23 inch waist, 30 inch bust. The yoke has a couple of tiny holes, The black silk has a few very tiny holes near the arm seam. The Skirt has 7 gores and a wide flounce at the hem with silk ribbon rush trim. Skirt is lined in black cotton and has a velvet hem. 23 inch waist, 41 inches long in front and 46 inches long in back. The bodice lining is torn in one spot by the hooks inside. High collar has soiling on the inside. Underarm staining on the lining. Skirt has mends by the hooks in back of the waist band. and slight wear on the hem.

cat# DC4294 Price $475.00


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