Victorian to 1919 Hats

Victorian to 1919 Hats

Dee Davenport Howe

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Teens era black straw hat. Deep crown, wide brim, black silk faille band and bow. Hat is decorated with an artificial branch of fruits, veggies and leaves. Great hat. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH3785 price $175.00


Teens era hat, black velvet Breton style hat, medium high dome shape crown, turned up brim, 1/2 inch wide gold metallic ribbon around the hat for decoration. an off white Ostrich feather plume in front. lining is black cotton with a draw string. hat is in Excellent condition, the feather has some wear.

cat# DH3586 price $175.50


Victorian black silk bonnet with black silk bow in the back, a larger bow on the left side, has a black ostrich feather in front, the brim in front is black velvet, with black lace framing the face. bonnet is lined in off white cotton gauze, lining has a rust stain in the center, the bonnet ties with black silk ribbon, these ties are shattering, also the silk in back close to the neck, otherwise the bonnet would be in mint condition. .

cat# DH3531 price $185.00


Teens Era Black plush velvet hat. The hat is decorated with black crepe flowers , in the center of each flower are 8 black pearl style beads. their is one bead at the end of each peddle. A few beads are missing. On the left side of the hat are black ostrich feathers. The hat is lined in black silk. Label Guy Hartford. The lining has a few tiny insect holes. Otherwise the hat is in Excellent Condition.

cat# DH4728 price $195.00 “NEW”


TEENS era Hat. Black silk velvet with royal blue silk velvet bows in front and on sides, and black silk bows in back. Black silk band that is trimmed on both top and bottom with black sequins. Wonderful . Excellent to mint condition.

cat# DH3530 price $185.00


Teens Era Black velvet hat, with turned up brim, High crown. Hat has a small black decoration front with 2 black ostrich feathers. The hat is lined in black silk . The hat has some worn spots on the velvet. The brim top edge all the way around is worn and on the top their are a couple of tiny worn spots. The silk lining has a few tiny holes otherwise the hat is in Great Condition.

cat# DH4169 price $155.00



Early Victorian bonnet. White on white cotton. The front is white on white stripe brim, brim folds back and is trimmed with 1/2 inch white lace. piping around the crown . back of bonnet and curtain are a white on white check. Curtain is 9 inches long. The bonnet ties with 3 inch wide purple silk ribbon. This bonnet is all hand sewn. 3 tiny holes in the curtain otherwise it’s in Excellent Condition.

cat# DH4291 price $125.50


Teens era hat, Royal purple velvet hat, with a deep crown and a narrow brim, The brim tips down on one side and up on the other side, Has a purple Ostrich feather plum in back . Hat is lined with black silk. The brim on the right side has slight wear on the velvet. the plum is faded some. Otherwise the hat is in Excellent condition.

cat# DH3346 price $195.00


Mid Victorian Ladies hat, Eugenie Hat style. Around the civil war era, this hat is oval shape that comes to a point in the back . The hat fit’s close to the head. The hat is covered in feathers. On the left side of the hat the brim is rolled over and covered with pheasant feathers. On the top the hat has peach and rust color ostrich feathers that hang down longer in the back. This hat should be worn tilted to the right side. Excellent Condition.

Cat# DH4404 price $275.00

Victorian Ecru hand crochet indoor cap. A 23 inch crochet band around the face. In the back center is a crochet 3 X 2 inch rectangle with the letter E in it. The rest of the hat is a criss cross chain stitching. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH4039 Price $65.50


EARLY TEENS era, Toque, a black and off white stripe horse hair with off white flowers on front and sides. Large black silk bow on the left side. Lined in black silk. Great hat. Excellent condition.

cat# DH3526 price $355.00



Victorian Off white/ pale pink Crochet yarn hat , A slight triangle shape. The crochet design is little loops, the loops each have a clear glass bead. The hat fits close to the head and over the ears. The hat has 2 inch wide silk ribbon ties. This hat was a pale pink but is more of an off white/pale pink now, it’s slightly faded this is not noticeable. Hat is all hand made. Mint Condition. This is a fabulous item very unusual and stunning.

cat# DH4692 price $205.00

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