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1940’s Black rectangle enamel and brass compact. 3 1/4 X 2 1/2 inches. The shape of France on the cover with 5 monuments . In side has a beveled mirror, embossed brass loose powder compartment door. This compact has never been used. Comes with a black wool envelope for safe keeping. Excellent condition.

cat# DC2780 price $55.00

1940’s Cotton apron, light green with brown and white flower print. White eyelet trim around the arm holes. Square neckline. 2 inch waist band that ties in the back. A gathered skirt with 2 hip pockets. Excellent Condition.

cat# DC4514 price $35.00.



Victorian matching gold filled bracelets, they snap latch closed, they have a safety chain which is missing on one,the gold has a mat finish, a narrow 2 inch long strip of copper across the front for design,the bracelets come in the original box pink satin lined, blue flocked velvet outside. The velvet is worn off the top and a couple of other spots. Bracelets are worn on the gold a little. otherwise in Excellent condition. Label C.H. Case Hartford Conn.

cat# DA101 price $200.00


 1940’/ 50’s Brass compact. Rhinestone design on top with embossed angled lines on the sides. Compact has a loose powered compartment., the puff is still in the plastic. Their is a small paper inside. Volupte’ reflects the prettiest faces is on the paper on the other side is the order form for more puffs., It gives the 5th Ave New York address to order more. The compact is 3 X 3 inches. Has some imperfections on the brass otherwise it’s in Excellent Condition.

cat# D1952 price $25.00


1950’s Massager. Handy-Hannah multipurpose electric vibrator massager, 3 special attachments. scalp, body disc, and face cap. This item is still in the original box and still works. This item has had a little use. Excellent condition.

cat# DM2657 price $25.00


Compact, Brass oxtigon shaped enamel top with Germany on it, before it was broken in half, there are names of the cities, and little red, blue or green stones marking the larger cites. Loose powder compartment has never been used, oxtigon mirror, embossing around the outside edge brass. there is one tiny chip in the enamel. Otherwise its in excellent condition. There is one like it in the Collector’s Encyclopedia of compacts book. estimated going price $225.00

cat# DA2292 price $125.00


Teens Era white cotton gauze apron . Lower calf length. On the lower part of the apron is white on white cotton embroidered flowers. Their is smocking at the waist but it has been let out on one side to make apron larger. Waist ties are peach silk. The silk has faded to gold in spots otherwise the apron is in Excellent Condition.

cat# DC4704 price $42.00



Compact- vintage 40’s/50’s gold vinyl purse lined in black taffeta, snap closure, brass clasp, in side there is a compact compartment with compact, lipstick compartment with lipstick tube, and one for a comb with comb. the label on the inside of the purse is Lin-Bren Creation . The compact is gold vinyl, round, with a loose powder compartment, with puff, label on puff is Lin-Bren Creation, has never been used, the lipstick is a brand new case never had a lipstick in it, the comb is clear plastic with a brass top also new, the vinyl purse has some wear spots and the brass clasp has a few scratches on it, otherwise in excellent condition.

cat#DA2293 price $35.00  

1940’s Bracelets. 3 plastic bangle bracelets of Red, Green and Ivory. Excellent condition.

cat# DA2297 price $25.00



 1940’s Mens cigarette case. Brass with pin stripes. Case snaps shut and push button to open. When the case opens the cigarrets stand up. Case has a few minor scratches otherwise in Excellent Condition. 5 X 3 1/2 inches.

 cat#Dm4093 price.$45.00


Victorian unused Valentine card. 8 X10 inches and opens to a verse. Slight water stain on the back of the card in the upper left hand corner otherwise Excellent condition.

cat#Dm2831 price.$28.00


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