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Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 (413) -781-1505


1940’s Brown cotton gloves, above wrist length. A modern size 7. Very good condition.

cat# DA2271 price $18.00 “SOLD”



1950’s Short brown cotton gloves. Hand detailed around the cuffs and fingers, 3 small buttons for decoration on the outside edge of the cuff. Excellent Condition. Size 8

cat# DA4841 price $15.00 “HOLD”



1950’s Navy cotton gloves. Above wrist length. Navy faille trim on the cuffs, hand detailed on cuffs and fingers. About a modern size 7. Label Designed by Lilly Dache’ . Excellent Condition.

cat# DA5321 price $35.00


1950’s White Sheer nylon gloves. The gloves have gathering above the wrist. They are 3 1/2 inches above the wrist. A modern size 7. Excellent Condition.

cat# DC4843 price $22.00



1940’s brown cotton gloves with hand detailed tops. Excellent condition Label Crescendoe, Original design, patent USA.

cat# DA2265 price $20.00 “SOLD”



“top trim”
1950’s White sheer nylon gloves. Just above wrist length, with one ruffle at the cuff. Size 7. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA4842 price $18.00



1940’s/ 50’s wrist length black kid gloves about a modern size 7. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA1892 price $22.00



1930’s/40’s White net with a zig zag design. The gloves are above the wrist length. A modern size 5. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA2530 price $22.00




1950’s Black short gloves with 8 tiny rhinestones on the backs up near the wrist. Size 7. New condition.

cat#DA2875 price $18.00




1950’s White cotton gloves, wrist length. Hand detailed. 6 tiny buttons on back of the wrist , modern size 7. Excellent/ mint Condition.

cat# DA5223 price $15.00 “NEW”



1930’s 2 pair Dead stock gloves. ecru cotton gloves, very 30’s style. Middle of the forearm length, with a folded over wing look. about a size 5. tag says size 6. They are smaller than a size 6. Excellent condition.

cat# DA3782/ DA3783 price $35.00 each




1930’s s Brown rayon gloves. The gloves have a tan trim. Size 7 . Excellent Condition.

cat# DA5762 price $35.00



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