1940’s Hats, etc

1940’s Hats

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1940’s Gray wool felt hat. with 3 inch wide turned up brim in the front/ sides. The brim is covered in gray and black Persian lamb. crown of the hat fits over the crown of the head. Very 30’s/ 40’s style. In the back of the hat are 2 felt bows one on each side. Hat also comes with a hat pin with a gray felt square end. The hat is in Excellent Condition except where the hat pin has been taken out and put back in a few times. Excellent condition.

cat# DH4239 price $48.50


1940’s Animal fur and wool Soldier style hat. The brim is 4 inches wide, the fur, the crown and brim lining is brown wool. The strap for the back of the head and bow are also brown wool. Very 40’s style, great hat. Label Eva Bulboni. Excellent condition.

cat# DH4048 price $75.50


1940’s Brown felt hat, soldier style. This hat tips forward on the head and comes to a point in back of the head. Their is a brown felt strap that fits in back of the head to help hold the hat on. A small bird decorates the top of the hat with a feather tail that hangs down on the left side. The bird body is fragile otherwise the hat is in excellent condition.

cat# DH4477 price $85.00


1940’s Brown straw hat, a Durby style, with a green faille ribbon band, brown veil, hat comes to a slight point in the front, hat should be worn tipped slightly forward. Excellent to mint condition.

cat# DH2629 price $42.00


1940’s Small black velvet pill box style had, with black silk faille band and bow in the back. Label Christine original Park Ave New York.

cat# DH2086 price $45.50


Late 30’s early 40’s . Medieval look, the Wimple, a round circle of crochet, navy, yellow , red, light green, and white, 2 ties for under the chin, they are a crochet mesh diamond shapes and the crown is covered in the same. The colors are a little faded otherwise the hat is in Excellent Condition.

cat# DH3884 price $45.50


1940’s Brown straw hat. Small crown, medium brim. The brim is 2 layers the top one has scalloped edges. A brown one inch silk faille band, and bow in the back. 3 pink roses in front. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH5006 price $65.50


1940’s Black felt hat. Wide brim in front and sides, the back of the hat fits close to the head. The crown is deep and has shinny black leaves decorating the front of the crown and brim. Also a black decretive net/veil. Label size is 23. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH5304 price $65.00


1940’s White straw hat. The brim is trimmed on the edges with navy straw it’s also wider in the front than the back, Navy veil.

Cat# DH4589 price $55.00


1930’s/ 40’s Mauve felt Small pill box style hat. The hat is decorated with mauve felt flowers. This hat fits forward on the head and is held on by a felt covered wire in the back. The hat has a black veil , the veil is in poor condition and needs replacing. Very 40’s style. Excellent Condition.

Cat# DH4948 Price $75.50


1940’s Navy straw hat. Brim is very narrow in the back and wide on the sides and front. Navy velvet 1/2 inch band and bow in the back. Small white flowers in the back. Figure 8 navy velvet wire in the back of the hat to help hold the hat on. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH4170 price $45.50


1940’s Black wool hat. High crown small turned up brim, 1 1/2 inch black faille band and 2 tails in the back. On the band in front are Red, purple, blue, sequins, silver stars and silver and red , green and blue rhinestones. Excellent Condition.

cat# DH4910 price $55.50


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